A new and different spot


It’s a Beach Restaurant which is an avant-garde restaurant.

A 100% alfresco setting where diners, waiters, chefs and bartenders share the same space without walls. We have nothing to hide.

Make yourself right at home just as if you were sitting in your living room in the sofas and coffee tables area or treat yourself overlooking the sea in our dining room under umbrellas.

A privileged location


Located on the seafront on the Calvià coast with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Sit back and look up to find our menagerie of towering Mallorcan pines which emerge from the earth of the Pez Playa terrace. Sailboats, yachts and speedboats imbuing the sea with movement. Bathers and passers-by imbuing the sand with life.
Climb down the stairs and directly access the beach or take a few steps to take a dip in the swimming pool of ME Mallorca.


Don't wait for people to tell you about it!

Paella or grilled meat? A reservation for two or meeting up with friends? Cocktail or Pacharán? Lunch or dinner?


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Others says about us

Excellent food and an exceptional view. We had black risotto with cuttlefish and baby squid, superb, one of the best we’ve ever eaten. Creci M. - Tripadvisor -Creci M.
I was very pleased to find a place to Mallorca, a spot near the beach shore with an unparalleled menu as regards excellent taste and exquisite on the palate. I had the rice with deer prepared by the chef Juan Hely and a dessert from which I am still suffering from remorse as I ate it all by myself without sharing a single bite….. -Tripadvisor-Mapy2404
We were accomodated at the ME Mallorca which is where this restaurant is. The terrace is overlooking the sea and the views are great. The food is good and the staff very friendly. We clearly recommend the place. -Tripadvisor-Julian M.