pezplaya-mallorca-restaurant-icono4Something refreshing

  • Burrata, organic tomatoes and home-pickled red onion petals
  • Mme Cesar 3rd generation
  • Marinated salmon tartar whit avocado and passion fruit foam
  • Ceviche of sea bass, yellow garlic, baby pepper, lime, avocado and fried yucca (rustic bowl)
  • Sirloin carpaccio, parmesano strips and smoked rocket salad
  • Frozen “gazpacho”: with prawn and cucumber slush
Restaurantes Mallorca Pez Playa tartar de salmón
Restaurantes Mallorca Pez Playa rissotto


  • Scallops au gratin with hollandaise sauce and baby vegetables
  • Platter of Iberian ham, Manchego cheese and majorcan brown bread
  • Andalusian-style squid with duet of sauces version 20.18
  • Croquettes of Iberian ham or spider crab
  • Octopus poussin top ten

pezplaya-mallorca-restaurant-icono1Our rice dishes

  • Best seller: Black rice with squid and fried baby squid
  • Creamy rice with lobster
  • Fish and shellfish paella
  • “Sea and mountain” paella
  • Paella with vegetables, tender beans and green asparagus
Restaurantes Mallorca Pez Playa arroz de bogavante

pezplaya-mallorca-restaurant-icono6The veggie club

  • Mushroom risotto: shiitake, black chantarelles and truffle
  • Pasta “puntalette” with tofu, pesto and pinenuts
  • Grilled vegetables au gratin with provolone chesse and dried tomato
  • Tagliatelle cassinese: Truffled cream, prawn and wild mushrooms

pezplaya-mallorca-restaurant-icono1Meat and fish

  • Veal sirloin (250 gr) with pont neuf potatoes and baked vegetables
  • Grilled veal t-bone steak
  • Free-ranging chicken supreme with its demi-glace
  • Lamb steamed in rosemary with mustard sauce
  • Wreckfish, shellfish, broth and a coffe pot
  • Sea bass baked in plantain leaves
  • Atlantic tuna tataki, teriyaki sauce and sesame duet


  • K-glass: chocolate mousse, mango sherbert and coconut foam
  • Mama´s 3 milks pie
  • Wow!!!: red milkshake from Miami to me: brownie, ice cream and milk shake
  • Citrus salad: pineapple tartar, lemon sherbert, tangerine and passion foam
  • Carrot cake, light dulce de leche cream and vainilla ice cream


Appetizer or dessert? Coffee or tea? Vegan or vegetarian? Gin&Tonic or Rum&Coke?