Behind the scenes

Kimberly Domínguez

A gastronomic expert originary from the Canary Islands and Venezuela, she has captivated us all and conquered the Pez Playa kitchen to express her passion for the fresh, quality products. With a special sensibilty when it comes to expressing her exceptional taste for food, she can only envision gastronomy as a clash of love and experiences represented by delicious bites.

Her demanding character and happy personality, present in each of her creations, makes the Pez Playa menu a truly surprising recipe book, with strong, local and traditional traits that always lead one back to the Mediterranean.

Kim’s happiness shows through in each of her recipes, with a gastronomic offer that seems to come from the most profound Mediterranean.

Having worked and made her way through various Michelin-Star restaurants such as Mugaritz or Miramar, Kimberly has acquired amazing leadership and motivational skills throughout her career, as well as stunning abilities in mollecular cuisine. For Kim, technique is important, but what’s even more valuable as a chef is having a loving, united team there to support her.

Majorca gastronomy chef Kim Dominguez


The Pez Playa team

Pure happiness and professionalism all-round