A new gastronomic concept


Innovative gastronomy and authentic cuisine

We are foodies. We love trying out new things, and are crazy about surprising you. We like the innovative cuisine and yet still like to keep traditional gastronomic traits. We adore fresh and high-quality local products, and offer an ample range of dishes with surprising flavours and extremely healthy touches. Now imagine all this in an open-air environment, right on the beach, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea.

Specialised in rice dishes

What is more typical than a delicious paella at a beach bar? However, we don’t do typical, so here we go with our take on mouth-watering paellas: Black rice with squid and fried cuttlefish, Surf & Turf Paella or a Vegetables and Green Asparagus Paella. We like tradition, yes, but always with a twist.

Majorca gastronomy black rice

Don't just let them tell you!

Appetizer or dessert? Coffee or tea? Vegan or vegetarian? Gin&Tonic or Cuba Libre?