pezplaya-mallorca-restaurant-icono4To start with

  • “Torreznos” from the sea
  • Ham croquetas with romesco
  • Grilled spicy octopus
  • Curry chicken skewers with coconut
  • Provolone with tomato, kalamata olives and basil
  • Grilled squid and yuzu alioli
  • Clams in green sauce and lemon grass, with something spicy
  • Bellota Iberian ham

pezplaya-mallorca-restaurant-icono5Tártares, tiraditos and something fresh

  • Tuna tartar with citrus, marinated watermelon and herring eggs
  • Marinated salmon tartar with dried tomatoes, mustard cream and passion fruit
  • Steak tartar with olive and dried tomato bread
  • Corvina fish tiradito with achiote, jalapeño peppers and coconut
  • Lobster tiradito with pico de gallo salsa and coriander
  • Tomato salad with mascarpone cheese and basil
  • Fresh green salad with baby vegetables
  • Burrata cheese with tomato and olive oil caviar

pezplaya-mallorca-restaurant-icono1Rice & Paella

  • Cuttlefish black rice with saffron alioli
  • Soupy rice with red prawns and clams
  • Paella with asparagus and lime alioli
  • Creamy rice with deer

pezplaya-mallorca-restaurant-icono6On the grill

  • Fish from the sea s/m
  • Avila steak with gnocchis and tomato (recommended for two people)
  • Sirloin (400 grs) served with polenta and shitake mushrooms
  • Supreme chicken at 65º determined served with morel mushrooms and potatoes
  • OX Hamburguer with crunchy tomato bread served with canarian style potatoes


  • Ice cream and sorbet (mango, vanilla, chocolate y yuzu)
  • Banana cream, chocolate cake and mango ice cream
  • Fresh apple tart with vanilla sorbet
  • Seasonal fruit with apple sauce and fruits of the forest ice cream

And… Cheesecake and gató mallorquin


Don't wait for people to tell you about it!

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